Legal Notices

Tuesday, 12/13/2022, 6:00 pm (PDF)Notice of Proposed Ordinance - Ordinance Amending Section 2-4-182
Tuesday, 11/22/22, 6:00 pm (PDF)Notice of Cancellation of Regular City Council Meeting
Thursday, 11/24/22, 3:00 pm (PDF)Notice of  Cancellation of the Regular Meeting for the Planning & Zoning Commission
Thursday, 12/8/22, 6:00 pm (PDF)Notice of Regular Meeting for the Administrative Review Board
Tuesday, 12/13/22, 4:00 pm (PDF)Notice of  Change of Date for the Regular Meeting of the Metropolitan Redevelopment Agency
Thursday, 12/15/22, 3:00 pm (PDF)Notice of the Regular Meeting for Planning & Zoning Commission

Notice of Proposed Ordinance
Notice of Adopted Ordinanc
Notice of Adopted Ordinanc