Building Inspection Division


The Building Inspection Division of the Community Development Department provides service to Commercial and Residential development; ensuring that new structures and all modifications are constructed to currently adopted codes and ordinances while providing the highest possible level of customer service.

Building Inspection Division is the interface of all divisions; each of which has varying degrees of responsibility:

Each Department and Division reviews all plans to facilitate recording of required department actions and a compilation of review comments from the various City of Farmington Departments and Divisions.

The Building Inspection Division also participates with the State of New Mexico Construction Industries Division and local builders in code adoptions and educational activities.


The Community Development/Planning and Zoning Division require that zoning and setbacks from property lines. To view business-related permits, variance and zoning applications, check out the Planning and Zoning Division page.

If you have any questions or need to find the setbacks for your zoning area, please call (505)599-1317 to speak with one of our planners.


To schedule a construction inspection for your project, please call (505)599-1304.

To avoid delays on your project, you must have your permit Number for the inspection requested. Inspection requests are required to be scheduled a day in advance, next business day in most cases. Ensure that you are ready for an inspection to take place.

Additionally, our Electrical Inspectors perform electrical Service Connect inspections throughout the Farmington Electric Utility System’s service area.

New Service Estimates & Construction, Call (505) 599-8310, (505) 599-8312, (505) 599-8317