Uncodified Ordinances

2022-1335 (PDF) Amending sections of the UDC and the flood plain regulations 
2022-1334 (PDF) Approving new water and wastewater rates 
2022-1333 (PDF)  Authorizing GRT Bonds for Municipal Golf Course Facilities 
2021-1332 (PDF)  Amending certain provisions of the UDC dealing with Fowl 
2021-1331 (PDF)
Authorizing and approving the sale of City-owned land to The Chile Pod, LLC
2021-1330 (PDF)
Amending certain sections of Chapter 18 of the City Code dealing with recreational cannabis 
2021-1329 (PDF) Amending sections of the Unified Development Code regarding cannabis 
2021-1328 (PDF)  Amending Section 23-2-7 establishing residential and commercial charges for sanitation service 
2021-1327 (PDF)  Amending Certain Provisions of the Ordinances establishing City Commissions