Farmington Police Department Juvenile Unit

The Farmington Police Department Juvenile Unit consists of seven to eight school resource officers (SRO) and one supervisor who are trained detectives.The SROs provide presentations to students and staff on numerous topics and serve on their schools’ safety teams.

Diversionary programs offered and facilitated by the SROs include:
  • Shoplifting awareness classes
  • In-house contract for first time offenders
  • Fire Setter Prevention Program in affiliation with the Farmington Fire Department
  • Summer adventure challenge camps
The supervisor is responsible for investigations involving juveniles not attending Farmington Municipal Schools, case screening, assignments for the SROs, and managing crisis planning within the school district including private and parochial schools in the community.

The SRO supervisor is also the representative for the Farmington Police Department on various juvenile focus groups including:
  • Eleventh Judicial District Juvenile Drug Court and Grade Court
  • San Juan County Truancy Task Force
  • School Health Advisory Committee
In addition, the SROs and supervisor participate in presenting to the Citizen’s Academy, Women Against Crime, pre-academy, academy, and post-academy training of police officers regarding juvenile policy and procedures

The Role of the School Resource Officer

The Farmington Police Department employs seven to eight school resource officers (SRO) and one supervisor who are assigned to our three high schools, four middle schools and ten elementary schools. The SROs monitor security matters and safety concerns of the schools. They provide police services including, but not limited to, foot patrols, bicycles patrols, on campus investigations, assigned criminal investigations, evidence/contraband collection and destruction, intervention counseling, parent assistance/resource information, faculty, teacher and administrator assistance; and provide a positive role model for students. They also present to classrooms on several different police-related topics at the request of the teachers.

The SROs participate and play a major role in the department’s diversion programs with the assistance of the San Juan County Juvenile Probation and Parole Office. Diversion programs include shoplifting awareness and violence intervention classes, as well as the Fire Setter Prevention Program in affiliation with the Farmington Fire Department.

School resource officers also conduct adult presentations/trainings for the Citizens Police Academy, the San Juan County Criminal Justice Training Authority, school faculty, community groups, and parent groups through the Parent Project.

The Farmington Police Department Summer Adventure Camp is a youth program held for four weeks during the summer. The camp consists of two, two-week camps for at-risk youth referred by the Eleventh Judicial District Court and the San Juan County Juvenile Probation and Parole Office. The main goal of this program is to build positive relationships between community youth and the police department, allowing juvenile participants to gain a better understanding of police officers and their work. The entire camp consists of team building activities designed to build self-confidence, goal setting, and citizenship. The participants are given instruction by police officers in the areas of repelling, canoeing, land navigation, mountain biking and bicycle maintenance.

All SROs receive training that focuses on youth and school related issues and are members of the National Association of School Resource Officers.