Farmington Police Department Crime Lab

Services of the Crime Lab

The crime lab provides services to the Farmington Police Department, the San Juan County Sheriff's Department, and other local and federal law enforcement agencies. These services include the documentation, collection of evidence, and processing of major crime scenes, the processing and comparison of latent fingerprints, crime scene reconstruction, expert court room testimony, and blood spatter analysis. The lab also provides color photo lab negative and print processing and video examinations.

Three crime scene technicians from the Farmington Police Department and a crime scene technician from the San Juan County Sheriff's Office staff the lab. Installation and utilization of the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) fingerprint database was an improvement in the identification and tracking of unknown suspect latent prints by comparison to known suspect latent prints by comparison to known latent prints in the state database.

In addition to the lab services, the staff also provides training for the law enforcement academy, the Citizens Police Academy and conducts in-service training for officers assigned the duties of crime scene investigation.