Seminar Information


This event will take place October 17-19, 2019 in the Little Theatre at San Juan College 4601 College Blvd. Farmington, N.M. 

Seminar will begin each day at 8:00 a.m and end at 5:00 p.m.

Morning and afternoon snacks will be provided. Lunch will be on your own.


This seminar provides effective leadership tools that can be applied to fire, law enforcement (including game & fish), EMS, dispatch and emergency management.


Three-day seminar includes:

  • Fundamental aspects of Leadership (Rules of Leadership)
  • Understanding yourself and others (or why are you not more like me) DiSC program
  • Understanding the government model and why you do what you do (how the flow works)
  • Where we should be spending our time (at all levels of the organization)
  • Customer service flow, the upside down pyramid
  • Change, values, and vision, what it is and is not – why it’s critical.
  • Strategic plans and mission statements, do you understand and live by them
  • Keeping Humanity in your leadership
  • Duty and responsibility, what it means and what are the actions
  • ABC’S of leadership, trust, credibility and respect, how to earn and lose them
  • Keeping the Kittens in the box (how to protect, mentor and provide guidance to your team)
  • How to maintain and keep technical competence, the risks and liabilities of not doing so
  • Understanding and enforcing policy, influence, documentation and thinning the herd
  • Evaluating and dealing with fringe employees (when should some people go away)
  • Prejudice, diversity and sexual harassment – what it is and is not or how to destroy your career is 30 seconds or less
  • Managing anger and violence in the workplace, what is it, what is my responsibility
  • Accountability and responsibility – what you can and cannot give away
  • Decision Making – how it happens, what you need to know
  • Combat Firefighting, how to make the right decisions on the fire and rescue grounds
  • Planning – at the personal, company, and organizational level
  • The Business of the Business
  • Moving on - How to know when it time to move on.